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Summer 2020 Update: Lightelligence’s Technical & Business Milestones

Release Date:2020-07-26

Company News

Despite the global struggles with the pandemic, Lightelligence marches forward in our quest to re-invent high-performance computing using integrated photonics.   

We continue to welcome talented engineers in the fields of photonics, digital, and analog chip design, packaging and system, as well as software and algorithms. In June 2020, we surpassed 50 employees. New-hires joined their teams in stride despite exclusively working from home while we continue to social distance. Later this summer, we look forward to utilizing our new 10,000 square foot co-located lab and office in Downtown Boston.

To date, we have raised over $40 million in venture capital, developed technical partnerships with leading foundries, and been engaged with several corporate partners on application testing. Our team is currently heads-down building the world’s largest  integrated photonic system.  

If you’re interested in career opportunities or partnerships, please send us a note at