About Lightelligence

Lightelligence is the global optical computing innovator at the center of conceiving and creating technology that redefines what’s possible. 

Our journey started at MIT, where Lightelligence founder and CEO Yichen Shen realized that light could replace electrons to improve the type of computations needed for common artificial intelligence algorithms while conducting research on nanophotonics as a Ph.D. student.

Yichen went on to found Lightelligence in 2017 with a team of MIT graduates and industry veterans to turn that research into reality and unleash the power of optical computing.

Driven by an open and transparent culture of disruptive thinkers and imaginative doers, Lightelligence is leading the way in developing workable photonic solutions that will deliver orders of magnitude more speed in computing, and positive impact on life.

With a focus on real-world solutions and a collaborative, global perspective, Lightelligence is transforming cutting edge thinking into world-changing breakthroughs. Thanks to a team of more than 150 technical experts across the globe, Lightelligence remains the world’s only company to demonstrate fully integrated optical computing systems working at speed.