Digital Integrated Circuit Design Engineer


Summary of Role

  • We are seeking a digital design engineer for developing FPGA / ASIC with the purpose of integrating our high-bandwidth, low-latency nanophotonic processor into computer systems.



  • Understand the overall application of the chip, proposing and developing improvements in overall design
  • Design and document one or more blocks of an ASIC, including functionality and timing
  • Implement your designs in RTL (System Verilog or other HDLs)
  • Create simple test benches and debug complex logic simulations
  • Work closely with software teams on functionality, interfaces, and documentation
  • Managing data stream into and out of the OPU accelerator


Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree or higher in electrical engineering
  • 4+ years of experience in FPGA/ASIC design and experience with ASIC development
  • Expert in communication protocols, e.g. PCI, PCIe, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SCSI, I2C, AXI, DDR
  • Experience with highly pipelined designs and with multiple clock domain designs
  • Experience with computer arithmetic and performance modeling
  • Knowledge of processor design, accelerators, and/or memory hierarchies; knowledge of machine learning algorithms
  • Programming languages: HDL coding, FPGA tools, Simulation tools, Timing analysis
  • Familiarity with advanced verification techniques such as coverage driven testing, assertions, and formal verification
  • Operating general lab equipment including DMM, oscilloscope, logic, bus analyzers, device programmers