Neural-Network Processor Architecture Modeling Engineer

What you’ll be doing at Lightelligence:

  • Develop a sophisticated software model for architectural exploration and development of our optical neural-network processors

  • Work closely with our system architects and team leads across the photonic, algorithm, and electronic domains to develop an optimized system-level architecture

  • Execute performance analysis and provide architectural feedback

  • Play a key role in road map development

Essential aspects of this role:

  • Self-motivated individual with a passion for learning new things and solving difficult problems, often outside of their core domain of knowledge

  • 5+ years of experience developing architectural models and/or simulators for GPUs, CPUs, TPUs, or DSPs

  • Strong software development skills required, C++, scripting languages, and general software engineer infrastructure

  • BS Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or equivalent. MS/PhD preferred

Stand-out experience:

  •  Deep Neural Networks / Machine Learning / Computer Vision

  • Optical computing

  • ASIC design (RTL development in Verilog or System Verilog)

  • Programming modern GPGPU APIs (CUDA/OpenCL/Metal)

  • Compiler development (GPU or CPU)

  • LLVM