Entry-Level Analog/Mixed Signal Engineer

At Lightelligence, we’re building computational machines that are solving problems in ways that have never been done before. We’re looking for an entry-level analog/mixed-signal engineer for support of custom analog/mixed-signal ASIC design and PCB design.

What you’ll do at Lightelligence: 

  • Analog/Mixed-Signal design support including, simulation, schematic capture, layout, silicon and/or discrete component evaluation/characterization. 

  • Laboratory team support interfacing with standard test equipment, custom hardware, and software development to meet test requirements. 

  • PCB design experience, including circuit definition, schematic capture, layout, and manufacture. 

  • PCB assembly and rework  

  • Team oriented with a desire for “hands-on” experience

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • BS or MS in a relevant discipline such as Electrical Engineering with at least 0-2 years of relevant work or research experience 

  • Experience with analog circuit design including operational amplifiers, ADC and DAC circuits, regulators, and references.  

  • Experience with FPGA and DSP design and implementation a plus 

  • Experience with interface standards, i.e. SPI/I2C/USB/Ethernet a plus 

  • Experience with various EDA/Computing languages and tools, i.e. Spice, Verilog, Labview, Matlab, Python, C++, etc..

  • Willingness to learn new skills and do the work necessary to succeed.